Why is streetwear trending now?

Remember the kids you used to see over at the skatepark. The ones who used to show up to school rocking their worn out vans shoes, thrift store tees and thick loose jeans. The ones who would cuff their baggy pants so high that you had to see the colors of their socks. The ones who obsessed over which clothes felt the most comfortable when skating and, once in a while, which hoodies could camouflage them better when they skated in the forbidden corners of the downtown scene.

You were probably one those kids or else you probably know a friend who rolled that way.

Grown-ups & juvenile fashion

The kids you used to see at the skatepark have now grown.

They went separate ways but one thing is sure; they now people the professional world. They navigate its formal walls their rebellious fashion tastes lying dormant within them.

That being said,

Some of them have, however, decided to stick to the same juvenile style of old;

They have chosen to stay skaters at heart and affirm this through a tendency towards wearing the overly casual at work; even when such a decision involves showing up to their corporate jobs wearing loose dickies pants, mad bands and oversize polo tees.

From the 90s, skatewear is back.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

It has lately been heavily popularized by the stylistic influences of millennial celebrities like Tyler The Creator (lifelong skater).

The style is also trending due to the emergence of a nouveau-riche millennial community in Silicon Valley — a community of young “ballers” with enough money to indulge in nostalgic fashion (such as vintage creations from 90s streetwear.)

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

It is so, the world that we as millenials have created for ourselves. Rigid dress codes no longer mean much. Ours is the time when the arbitrariness of formal fashion loses. Ours is the age when true self-expression wins over all desire to look like anything other than who we really are.

For, still, we remain the kids you used to see over at the skatepark.

Photo by Noah van de Wetering on Unsplash

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