Photo by Benjamin Hung on Unsplash

Millennial celebrities and Japanese aesthetics

Japanese aesthetics really look cool, I think you know what I mean. But is it due to all of what this culture represents to most of us?

I mean, those of us who spent the greater parts of our childhood in the world of mangas, surrounded by heroic archetypes such as Goku and Naruto.

Photo by Steve Johnson on

Is their uniqueness in the symbols — in that calligraphy we love without understanding a word of what it says. Or is it in the overwhelming sense of sadness we derive from coming face to face with art made from the perspective of lonely citizens of the futuristic world.

Photo by Andre Benz on Unsplash

Artists such as Jaden Smith and XXXTentacion(R.I.P brother) have all the good reasons to leverage the emotional and stylistic potential of Japanese urban art. Born on the streets of Tokyo, and undoubtedly influenced by anime culture, it is an art which draws from themes such as sadness and solitude and manages, while doing so, to teleport the listener into a world of extreme catharsis.

Photo by Sam Burriss on Unsplash

Hence, the listener may find himself contemplating existential questions, or else, exploring the edges of suicide (not to condone suicide in any shape or form).

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