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On becoming a better person

A good life is like this:

You do your best and you become something. Then you make sense of it all. Then, you thank those who did not understand you because they challenged you to become better.

The truth is that no one can be good at everything. You may be great at certain aspects of social life, and terrible at others. You may be a good helper at crucial times but a terrible friend when it comes to the little things, and vice-versa. Staying focused on the parts in which you lack is missing the point.

What matters the most is acknowledging that there are some parts of your personality that still need to be fixed

This is the first step to improving the quality of your relationships: the willingness to lower yourself down a notch and admit that you’re wrong. Sometimes, even when you are not too wrong.

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This is the first step to saying “sorry” I was wrong and meaning it.

Because trust me, people can always tell you don’t mean that shit. You may have amazing acting skills but they certainly won’t work on everyone.

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