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Social media: crush it in 2019

Look, everyone wants a nice following on social media. That just how we are made as humans; we crave for validation.

Now, the question is why are there some people out there who make the “social media game” look so effortless. Here, I am talking about that person you know who manages to have thousands, if not millions, of followers on his platform without even seeming to be trying.
The truth is
The social media game is not as easy as that YouTuber you watched last week made it sound. On the surface, a lot of people think that it’s as simple as this:
⦁ you create your social media account(s)
⦁ consistently upload some great content
⦁ Then, end of the story. You’re about to wake up to a giant number of content-hungry followers.
Well, if you are one of those who think this way, you just made me L.O.L.
Now, here is how you need to start thinking if you want to have a killer social media game.
You need to start thinking of yourself as a brand.
Building a brand is a whole different story. It requires knowing what people want and learning how to provide it in a way that does not make your methods look too pushy.
It’s all about giving to your audience the opportunities to interact with what you are posting without looking like you need their validation.
You put out there the coolest or most interesting posts. Then, you make it seem like you don’t care about whether or not people respond.
It is through this slightly ironic form of interaction that you will be able to build a substantial amount of responses and a larger audience.
That being said, here are a few things you need to start doing to elevate your presence on social media and gain the following that you need:

⦁ The M.T.T (Make Them Talk) trick

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When you are trying to elevate your social media presence, you have to look for opportunities to engage your audience in relevant and value-added discussions. You need to ask the following questions.
⦁ What is the current hot topic?
⦁ Are there questions that are important to them?
For example, if your audience is into ice cream, you might ask the following questions.
⦁ Do you guys prefer the traditional flavors like chocolate or vanilla, or do you like to get a little wild and crazy with them flavors?
Heck, you can even post a quiz. (I, personally, know some people who are into that).
However, it can’t always be about answering simple questions. Instead, you need to give your people the chance to engage in the discussion.
Open-ended questions create better opportunities for you to participate in discussions and debates with your followers, more so than multiple-choice questions.
The drill is simple. You grab a pen and list you a long collection of topics that will keep your audience up and debating until midnight.
An added advantage is that every time one of your posts receives a comment, it increases the chances that they’ll see the next post.
So, you want to ask questions that people understand and relate to.
People need to relate to your questions so much that they will feel like they cannot miss the opportunity to leave a comment or, even better, stick around and debate a bit.

⦁ Narrow it down

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

The goal of being on social media is to engage with your audience. So, you need to let your audience determine the type of interaction that you will use with them. First, you need to look at which of your social media accounts are getting the most engagement.
Are your followers mostly interacting with you through your Facebook account or Twitter? If you are using Snapchat, how many eyeballs are you attracting there? What about your Instagram account? Which social media accounts do your followers care about?
Regularly look at the content that you are posting on your social media channels, paying particular attention to which posts have received far more or far less interaction than usual. What are the topics that are draining your game and which ones have you noticed to bring more attention?
For example, any form of announcement is going to draw in more attention. So, make sure to hype people up ahead of time. That way, they are excited for the big reveal.

⦁ Visuals, visuals, visuals!

Photo by Kal Loftus on Unsplash

Visuals go together with social media like peanut butter and jelly. In fact, images are regarded as the most crucial tactic that you can use to optimize your content for social media.
It has also been shown that they get more engagement than text alone. So, to start making a significant impact on social media, it is imperative that you start posting more images to your social media accounts.
Now, not just any image is going to do. Posting generic, stock photos to your channels aren’t going to do the trick. People can always tell when something is not authentic. This goes to say that you ought to make sure that there is a degree of originality in what you post.

IV. Go live!

Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

The more significant your audience, the more difficult it will be to connect with all of them on a personal level. Still, there is a solution for that.
Choose one of the social media platforms and consistently organize live events. This is easy to do. All you need are the following 3 steps done well:
⦁ Just create a hashtag around your live event.
⦁ Build some hype around the hashtag.
⦁ Then, boom, you go live.
Next thing, you’ll start to see people pouring in, one by one.
During the event, you have to make sure to offer the most enjoyable/valuable experience. Loosen up, don’t be tight. Make it safe for them to ask you questions, and be sure to give them relevant answers.
Going live is a great customer interaction strategy because it gives your audience particular times when they know that they will be able to reach you.
When you go live, go in with a specific list of topics that you would like to discuss. However, don’t feel as though you have to stick to the list. Let people take the lead and discuss topics that interest to them first.
If the conversation starts to falter, you can dive into your list of pre-planned issues to help get them re-engaged in the discussion. If you already have a wide audience, you might want to recruit someone to help field questions and deal with traffic.

Last note:
Go out there, find your people
and make an impact

Photo by Nicholas Green on Unsplash

Social media is now the place for you to build an influence. As more and more people and organizations begin to engage in social media, it is vital for you to up your game and outshine your competition.
Social media offers you a platform that enables you to get in touch with people who are interested in what you do and understand them better. Improving your skills at engaging people is the key to earning more fans and followers.
Don’t get me wrong. Nothing will have happen overnight. Elevating your presence is going to take a lot of hard work and creativity. By implementing these four techniques into your social media strategy, you’ll start to get more exposure, broadening your reach, and building your brand.
In the beginning it is not going to slide as easy as it sounds. But, with time and dedication on your part, the game will start working in your favor and crowds will come pouring in.

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