Photo by Anthony Tran on Unsplash

You’re not special. And that’s not a bad thing.

You’re not special.

I run the risk of upsetting you but listen. At various stages of your life you’ve been convinced that you’re the real deal.

The truth is that most us are pretty average people. At the risk of sounding negative, I repeat it:

You are not special.

Now, is that bad? Not at all, my friend.

Photo by @CVDOP Limbocker on Unsplash

This is in fact the way you ought to start seeing yourself if you want your life to significantly improve.

Most of us are living in delusional worlds which we have built for ourselves, out of the necessity to make sense of the absurdity of reality.

We convince ourselves that we are particularly talented, and that the world does not sometimes understand us.

Although that may be true, the most of us just use it as a coping mechanism. The most of us are just pretty average people just making excuses about why the world is not giving us the things we, erroneously, feel entitled to.

Society tells you that you ought to be someone so amazing that everyone will not help but be impressed. But in reality, not everyone can be extraordinary. At least, not at everything.

Understanding that we can not be as extraordinary as we think are, is actually not as bad as it sounds. It is, in fact, the first step to learning how to focus our attention on the things we are most good at.

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