About LeoWorlds

Aesthetics as a philosophy of life

LeoWorlds centers around the idea that aesthetics can be a philosophy of life.
Thus doing, it brings to light the relationship between the beautiful and the good.
LeoWorlds’ style of expression wishes to portray human-made beauty as an imitation of nature itself.
LeoWorlds believes that the beauty which stems from man’s creation acts as a vector of emotions and passions.
Hence, LeoWorlds is not really about any particular form of expression like art, fashion, poetry, music, prose or critique.
It is about a way of life.
This is to emphasize that beauty can be found everywhere – in the way we dress, think, exist, act and judge.
This, here, is to make human beauty a component of the good rather than an evil weapon, as many have been made to believe – So that the beautiful facets of human nature may stand above all others.