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All is Music…

One night when I am at home reading something unusual happens. It was silent. Both inside and outside. But my mind was racing. I had just stumbled upon a mind-blowing passage from this one man Thomas Carlyle in which he was talking about inner structure of Nature. Now, you might or might not know of him. But that is not the point.

The point is that, that night I learned from him something which was forever going to revolutionize the way I think of life, art, meaning and heroism. Now, you wonder, what the passage was. It was simple.

And this, when I read it was fire into my ears.

music, LeoWorlds
Credit: Gabriela Gomez on Unsplash

You see, growing up I always wondered what was at the essence of all things. I wondered what was the one element which lied at the heart of every living or dead thing in Nature. I was a kid then, and little did I know of atoms, particles, energy, or matter. Then, there was Jazz and all its derivatives.

My father had a friend who would give me rides to school every morning (since my parents did not own a car). And it is via this man that I discovered the crazy world of music. And, music was that other one thing which would make my mind race.Music It really had to be of a magic nature this music thing that people like Ray Charles made.

And so, on that night when I came across Thomas Carlyle’s approach on what Nature truly is and the meaning of melody and harmony, it all clicked.

Ever vibrating, ever playing, rising and dying. At times ecstatic, at others on a low note. And all that surrounds us is, equally, music. The trees, the skies, the others, and their presence. All is music. Mere music. But powerful, nonetheless. Because as Thomas Carlyle puts it:

music, LeoWorlds
Credit: Daniel Jensen on Unsplash – Music visually portrayed

And so, this is how, on one cold night of April, alone in my University room, in Cambridge, the kid in me found the answer to a question he had been trying to answer through Science, music music Religion, Art, Philosophy and the like.

On that night, I became aware of this one simple truth:

Then, well, my message to you is:

Relax, it’s all music. It comes and goes. It is in the same way unimportant as it seems important to you. It is music, music, and I repeat, music. Nothing but music.

Life and living, are nothing but music.

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