On Artificial Intelligence

If we think that we have the right to treat animals the way we treat them because we feel like we are smarter than them. If animals are the beings we sometimes do not pay attention to, the beings we slaughter, the ones we feel as though we can treat the way we want, is it safe for us to go ahead and create something that will be thousands, if not millions of times more intelligent than us? Continue reading On Artificial Intelligence

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Millennial celebrities and Japanese aesthetics

Artists such as Jaden Smith and XXXTentacion(R.I.P brother) have all the good reasons to leverage the emotional and stylistic potential of Japanese urban art. Born on the streets of Tokyo, and undoubtedly influenced by anime culture, it is an art which draws from themes such as sadness and solitude and manages, while doing so, to teleport the listener into a world of extreme catharsis. Continue reading Millennial celebrities and Japanese aesthetics

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You’re not special. And that’s not a bad thing.

You’re not special. I run the risk of upsetting you but listen. At various stages of your life you’ve been convinced that you’re the real deal. The truth is that most us are pretty average people. At the risk of sounding negative, I repeat it: You are not special.Now, is that bad? Not at all, my friend. This is in fact the way you ought … Continue reading You’re not special. And that’s not a bad thing.