Do this! You’ll never feel lonely again

Do this!, LeoWorlds

So it is said above, sharing is an indispensable component of happiness. But does this necessarily mean, sharing with people?

Not at all.

Some of us find themselves in situations in which they have no one present in their lives. If that is you, do not despair. Actually, I say, look no further than all around;

Here’s a practical exercise you can start with in order to test this for yourself:

Let’s say you’re feeling lonely right now. Walk up to that plant in your room or garden and start pouring your heart out. Now, since the plant, or whatever object you’ve chosen, won’t reply or comment on what you’re saying, it will at first feel pathetic and stupid. But, talk on.

With time, you will notice that this exercise will have a calming and reassuring effect on you.

The world around us is alive.


Do this!, LeoWorlds
Credit: Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

This is a truth both from a scientific (matter is not dead) and a spiritual point of view.

So re-consider what you already believed about nature and solitude.

Do this!, LeoWorlds
Photo by Tiraya Adam on Unsplash

No one can truly be alone, unless they choose to believe so.

It is in the tree whose branches sway your way. It is in the flower petal that exposes its beauty, naked, to you.

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