The Art of Writing Non-stop: A Guide To Beating Writer’s Block

Once this basic truth is the driving force of your endeavour, there, you have nailed it. You have achieved it: the art of writing non-stop. Say goodbye to the days when you’d bang your head against the wall for ideas—farewell to you, darkness. You have entered a world new and well lit. The world of prolific artists. Because that is really all there is to it.

Wanna be great? Learn it from Nietzsche himself

Maybe you are someone with crazy ideas? Maybe you believe you have always been different from others. Maybe they have made that clear to you before. That you are a weirdo, a misfit, a freak. Well, forgive their ignorance. You see, though it might seem that they told you this just as an observation, it was not.

Most people are intimidated by those of us who dare to not conform, or those who just can not conform. Those who operate in their own way.