How To Find Ideas Around YOU and Everywhere

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Wanna be more creative? Here’s all you need to know in one sentence:

Look, other people have already done all the work for you. All you need to do is:

Find where it is the warm spot where brew the ideas which you are seeking and watch, listen, observe; steal, if you will (P.S. there is an intelligent way of doing this, ask my man Picasso).

My favorite place to do this?  = The Internet


Repeat after me:

Here you can delve into the darkest as well as the brightest parts of the world’s collective unconscious. And this, within seconds. You do not even need to think hard and deep, literally, all you need to create or solve, chances are, someone else has already gotten started on it on the Internet. So:

Go find them, steal their ideas, call them your own (of course, I am exaggerating here but you get the point).


Happy stealing, kiddo!

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