I Did Mushrooms at a Concert in a Foreign Country. Here’s What Happened?

Mushrooms, LeoWorlds

Warning: This post does not promote the use of any kind of illicit drug; It is just a story, meant to entertain. Hence, I opted not to reveal the identity of the person who lived it.

I always wondered what all  these kids would rave about? I always thought there was more to it than just the music. Was it the total abandonment to a track, the limitless supply of the drugs that were always available at close hands, or the overall friendliness of the environment?

Mushrooms, LeoWorlds
Adam Whitlock on Unsplash

It was 2018. The year at the beginning of which I had decided to start doing things outside my comfort zone. So I thought, this needs to be on my list.

But wait, there was still one problem left to solve. Two actually:

1. My parents (with whom I lived at the time) were Christian. 

2. How the f*** was I to get my hands on psychedelics?

Well, as with anything, I set out to figure both issues out on my own. 

After extensive research on the Internet and phone calls here and there. I was happy to be with only solutions. I managed get my hands on a type of psychedelic mushroom which grows in the form of a mushroom truffle. I had been reading about mushrooms for a week and searching around nearby parks in the hopes of find the right ones that is, “trippy mushrooms” or, to be scientific, “Psilocybin mushrooms”.  

Another thing is: I figured that if I was going to get out of my comfort zone I might as well truly get out of it. 
So, I didn’t do Amsterdam or Berlin as all of you soft kids like doing. 

No, I did Palestine, bro. 

I booked the ticket, put some emergency cash in my suitcase and kissed my mom goodbye. 

I was supposed to meet there with 3 other dudes I had met on the Internet. One dude from Germany, and two others from Greece. We were there to see DJ Sama’s set. And nuke our brains out, if you nah mean. 

And that’s exactly what happened. 

I will skip to what I saw. Well, because that is why all you peepers are reading this, in the first place.

And well, because it was a revelation.

In one sentence:

A color, in the form of a ray of light, floating in space. Only obeying to the shifts in rhythm which the DJ knew too well how to control.

I was gone. Out in there. In the realm of floating objects and slowed time lapses.

Mushrooms, LeoWorlds
Credit: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

When I came back into the world of sober humans, someone had taken me back to my hotel (my friends had). I searched for my journal, sat down and wrote:

Behold, you’re a self determining speck of creation.

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