Ma: The Art of Gaining More from Less

Ma, LeoWorlds

I hate silence. I despise it. It makes your mind race. You get overwhelmed and overcome with urges and compulsions: “I should be doing something. I should check my phone. Maybe there is a series of texts from friends I am missing out on. Omg, there is that thing I have yet to take care. And so on.”

My friend, that is how FOMO works. In case you do not know, FOMO stands for: Fear Of Missing Out. It is a disease, I tell you. But well, there is a cure for it.

Ladies and gentlemen, all the way from Japanese wisdom, I present to you: Ma, the art of gaining more from less.

By now, all of this might sound confusing. How can one gain more by doing less? Isn’t that against the very laws of productivity? Well, it is. But only when you are already 100% productive and using the fullest of your potential. If not, listen well because, your mind is about to know expansion.

You see, Einstein once said:

This is exactly where you should start in order to understand the art of Ma. The point of it is not so much about adding more into your life, it is about removing some things in order for more to come. What do I mean by that and what are some practical ways to do that?

Ma, LeoWorlds
Credit: Max-Rovensky on Unsplash

Well, in the life of any 21st Century person, there is too much clutter. There is seems to always be more than needed: more things to do, more responsibilities, more and more and more. But how many of the things that keep you busy do really need? Are there some which you can live without? If you answer to this question is yes (and I am assuming it is), then, start there.

A good place to start is by adding silence into your daily life. Find a quiet place where you live. Find an hour during which you are not very busy and sit. Sit it out. Sit with your thoughts. Turn off your phone and turn inward.

Ma, LeoWorlds
Credit: Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

There is in peace in that. The Japanese found this out thousands of years ago but now, that secret has finally come forward for everybody to know.

So try it out for yourself. At first, it will seem like a waste of your time but trust me, the busiest and richest of people in the world have found this practice to be at the origin of their most original and life-changing ideas. Why? Well, because the moments of silence create a much clear vision of your place in the world and where you are headed. From there, armed with this sort of insight, you are much more empowered to move towards what works instead of wasting time with what does not.
That, there, is the art of gaining more from doing less!

Magic, right?

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