Most People are A**holes… The truth hurts

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So you are a nice kid? Your parents raised you nice, your entourage taught you to be nice to everyone. To everyone especially those in need.

Well, listen kid. Most people are assholes. And, the sooner you understand that, the better (or should I say, the safer) your life will be… That is the truth and it hurts, I know.

As an adult, that is a life lesson I have had to learn the hard way.
I am sure most of us have had friends try, at some point, to manipulate us. It sucks.

It really sucks. I, myself, have had actual friends and family members, try to manipulate me. And the sad thing when this happens is that sometimes, they do not realize they are doing it.

Look, all I can tell you is: when this happens, run!

People, LeoWorlds
Credit: Maksym Ivashchenko on Unsplash

I mean, do not physically run. But find your way out of it. Very often, that will the only thing which will save your relationship with whoever is doing it.

And, by that I mean, we grow very resentful of the person, entity or institution. If you do not believe me, think of when couples break up, or when business partnerships split. It is gets ugly!

I am not really the person to teach you about relationships with people or how you should conduct business. My life is not perfect either 🙂
But, oh well, if you must learn one thing from me, listen to the following:
when you notice people try to manipulate you, RUN!

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I do not think i should be your dude for relationship advice and such but hey, if you found the stuff above helpful, leave a YES below and your email in the contact form and I will get in touch;)

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