The Art of Writing Non-stop: A Guide To Beating Writer’s Block

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What does art of writing come down to?

Let’s deconstruct this thing which we very sometimes dread doing.

Writing is in its most basic form the act of committing one’s thoughts to paper (it could a computer screen, a rock, or a napkin, you get the idea).

The point here is, writing takes your thoughts from intangible form and turns them into something more tangible and accessible to everyone (and this is for years, and centuries even).

That, there, is the magic of  writingnot the tricks, the styling or any of that fancy stuff. Simple and pure writing is enough, for a start. That is what first the difference (I wish someone had told me this back in High School, god, it would’ve saved me so many hours of procrastination and anxiety).

In my experience, I have found that good writing is not about inspiration. Yes, sometimes things seem to write themselves effortlessly but 80% of the time those things have to be sought after.

So how does good writing materialize itself out of thin air. The simple truth is:

It does not!

Amateurs sit and wait for inspiration, the rest of us just get up and go to work – Stephen King

Take it from one of the most prolific and highly acclaimed writer of this century: inspiration is overrated.

art of writing, LeoWorlds

In that case, where does good writing come from?

Again, I repeat:

I could tell you what the great Dan Brown does (that whole being-upside-down thing and all) when he is stuck or how Hemingway used to get past the dreary hours of writer’s block (his Iceberg theory and all) but no. Knowing the habits of the greatest of writers has failed to help me. Because what works for them will not necessarily work for you. Moreover, I am ready to bet that the gimmicky stuff is always secondary during their writing sessions. They certainly all have one thing in common that is, pure devotion to the basic act of writing things down. 

art of writing, LeoWorlds

Putting things down first; that is the goal with which anyone (writer or not) should start with when they set out to write anything.

Once that is taken care of, once this basic truth is the driving force of your endeavour, there, you have nailed it. You have achieved it: the art of writing non-stop. Say goodbye to the days when you’d bang your head against the wall for ideas—farewell to you, darkness. You have entered a world new and well lit. The world of prolific artists. Because that is really all there is to it.

art of writing, LeoWorlds

So go write. Yes, write poorly but write one true thing down, for God’s sake. And that thing will turn into something that enriches your experience as a human being. And, if you are lucky enough, someone out there will be touched by it 🙂

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