The secret to success? Pick a demon. What I learned from Carl Jung

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What is the nature of madness and genius and what is the difference between those two? Are they both just what deviates from the norm or are they sides we all have in us? More to answer that later.

First, checkout this guy Jung.

This guy Carl Jung comes and proposes a legit insane idea; he says that, perhaps, we all share the same unconscious mind, collectively. And, holy Cs, do you know what that implies? It means that this thing could the storage of all the knowledge in the world, of all that there is to know in the world and of the world. Sit with this for a second!

In other words, whoever finds access to this is only a few steps away from becoming God or some sort of prophet. And, well, if you are wondering, the top performers in the world are already doing this. Most of them without knowing they are.

So how are they doing this?

Almost every successful person you know is a specialist in something. They most certainly have something they are incredibly good at and, most probably, they got to that level through a more or less obsessive learning process. And, I am ready to take this claim further by saying that, very likely, they are so good at what they do that they almost seem to be inhabited by special powers. Um, well, that is because they are. 

Jung says that there are realms and sub-realms in the collective unconscious which manifest themselves in the form of archetypes. He outlines some key ones like: the great mother, the wise old man, the shadow, the trickster, and the tree of life. But more than on that later.

For now, let’s get back to the question we started with: What is the difference between madness and genius? Well the answer is: there is not.

You see, Jung says that both the mad and the genius live with a special key (figuratively speaking) capable of unlocking doors into the collective unconscious. They are able to bridge the gaps between the realm of the conscious and the unconscious. For that reason, they both appear to be otherworldly.

Jung takes it this further and suggests that the key to genius is literally aligning oneself with one of the archetypes and letting it inhabit you (remember what I said about successful people appearing to be inhabited by special powers, well there). Think of the archetypes as powerful demons, each with a specialty, specific characteristics and a specific way of expression. Study them, find the one you most resemble and obsessively internalize them. Period. You’re on your way to godly glory.


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