The world is a Maze. You Can Get Lost in it, if you do not do this!

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The world is a maze. You can get lost in it.

maze, LeoWorlds
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You can sink so low that all who once knew you recognise you no longer.

There is a world of forces that are always out to get you: All kinds of things. Drugs, distractions, appealing men and women, the lure of easy money, the lure of a life comfortable and useless. Those things are out to get you. And they will, if you don’t identify your supreme life goal.

maze, LeoWorlds
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What I mean by this is, you need one chief life goal. Not goals. No, just one, supreme, defined, outstanding goal. One that serves as an anchor when the winds of distraction hit hard. 

maze, LeoWorlds
Credit: Anastasia Vityukova on Unsplash

Once again I repeat, you need a supreme life goal. One that overrides the seductive powers of the easy and comfortable.

Sit down, grab a pen, and write it down. Think about it, think around around it, think through it, repeat it to yourself, eat it, sleep it, breathe it.

Let it sink in. Permeate the inner recesses of your brain.

That, only that, is how you’ll make it out of this life proud of yourself. 

maze, LeoWorlds

Because the world is a maze. And you can get lost in it. And it is out to get you. And you need an anchor. And that goal, as little as it can be, will hold you steady when the winds of the mad world hit. 

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