Why To Be An Artist Is To Be Alone

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The world is full of noise. Yet, from silence is where all creation begins. Do not take my word. Ask a great artist about it?

This truth is confirmed by both Science and Religion: the Universe was created out of nothing.

Yes, the Universe, this thing of wonder, the vastness and the complexity of which we cannot fully wrap our minds, was created/created itself out of nothing.

In other words, true original creation is an act which requires emptiness or at least the simplicity of it.

Here is a basic law of the Universe which we tend to ignore in our creative pursuits:

And so, to create we need to destroy first. To construct, we need to deconstruct. We need to take the pieces apart, question that which we are already convinced to be true. We need to look at the creative matter at hand with a fresh, unknowing and non-judging eye. 

artist, LeoWorlds
Debby Hudson on Unsplash

Sometimes it really is just about starting from the simple most basic point of something and understanding the essence of it first instead banging one’s head on the wall, for hours, at the search of great ideas.

You see, Henry David Thoreau is known and acclaimed for his work as a writer but those who have closely read his book Walden know of his insistence on the role of solitude when it comes to creating.

So now, here’s why to be an artist is to be alone

Early in his life, Thoreau discovered the secret to creativity and took it seriously. So seriously that he moved to a hut he had built in the woods and lived there for 2 years. It is during these 2 years that he produced some of his most iconic bodies of work, the ones after which we still remember him to this day.

And so, I repeat:

The world is full of noise. Yet, from silence only is where all creation begins.

Now, you know what to do – Arm yourself with the above, as vague as it sounds, and go create!

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