You owe it to yourself to travel. Here’s why

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I have seen the world. Not all of it. But I have seen enough of the world to make the wild claim I am about to make.

Most of us are trapped. But we do not have to be.

What do I mean?

Let’s start with how I came to this realisation.

So it started on the road. I was living a little town alone (I won’t name the name), almost suffocating on the mundaneness of my daily routine. Life was bitter then. I was on the verge of ending it.

In the darkness of this time, I still had one little thing I was trying to hold onto: I did not want to die alone. Or in vain.

But now I was alone in a town of strangers. And I felt stuck. Because leaving would require a miracle (financially, mentally).

Quite honestly, this is the situation in which most people are.


But that is an illusion.

So if you must learn anything from this, this it my personal testimony:

Why Travel

I  have seen the world. From the cornfields of America to the vineyards of the French country. From the mountains of the East to the orange sands of Equatorial Africa. I have seen the world and, listen to me, you can too.

Just allow yourself and make compromises.

You will see things which cannot be seen in one lifetime. You will see parts of the world, engineered and beautified—scary buildings, giants treading the earth. And maybe huts. Tiny, inhabited by villagers and barely dressed tribes, smiley and jolly. You will see this and more. If you are ready to work it out.

And I mean, ASAP.

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